Published on April 17, 2024

Coding is fun! Educational games about coding for young children

In today’s digital age, coding has become an essential skill for children to learn. As technology continues to advance, proficiency in coding opens up a world of opportunities for kids. We think it is time to recognize the importance of making the principles of coding accessible and enjoyable for children.

That is why we have curated a list of educational coding games designed to engage, inspire and teach children the fundamental concepts of coding in a fun way.


Fun and educational coding games for kids

Coding Arrows

With the game ‘Coding Arrows’ children encounter simple decoding. In this game, children discover that the red arrow is the instruction for the red car and the blue arrow is the instruction for the truck. They translate the directions of the vehicles into arrows that go right and left or forward and back. By combining the directions and the vehicles, the task becomes more complex. The game comes with different assignment cards that vary in difficulty.

Coding in Steps

Once children understand how the ‘arrow language’ works, they are ready for the next step: creating and deciphering a code. The code in the game ‘Coding in Steps’ consists of four steps and contains the way to and from one of the animals on the game board. During this game children learn to make and decipher codes in a playful way.


Coding with Dots

In the game ‘Coding with Dots’, children discover how to convert a long code into a short code. Instead of showing all the steps, the kids use dots to indicate how many steps they go in a certain direction, so they become real coding professionals!


Coding Pixels

With ‘Coding Pixels’ children are introduced to the principle of binary code. Each box contains a piece of information. That information, a color and a number, must be converted into pixels. The children place those pixels on a special card so that a nice pixel art figure appears.

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