With Building set a situation has to be created based on verbal instructions. A player takes a game board and puts up the partition. The second player takes a task card and tells the first player what he has to build on his game board. They check together whether the task has been carried out correctly. Building set can also be played individually. Children can work independently and check what they have done themselves. Content: - 12 plastic task cards, 20 x 14 cm, printed on both sides (1 side with the task and 1 side with the solution) - 2 plastic game boards - 1 partition with holder - 2 plastic boxes with: - 2 houses with roof - a man, a woman and 2 sitting persons - 2 benches and a boat - 1 swan, 2 sheep and 3 ducks - 2 cars and 2 trees - 24 road cards, 10 grass cards and 12 pond cards - manual Age: 4+ , 2-6 players

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Communication and Language


Rolf Originals

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Educational games

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