Counting quantities in various situations is the basis for elementary calculation. Using a variety of appealing materials, and through numerous activities, children learn to recognize and apply spatial structures in different ways. A ladybug was chosen because it has six legs and six dots. Six is a fundamental and familiar spatial structure (dice pattern). For the purpose of recognizability, all activities are introduced by a plush lady bug (to be ordered separately). “Dottie” helps children how to cleverly determine a quantity without having to count objects one by one. Content: - 21 number cards - 21 cards with finger images - 12 cards with tally images - 12 cards with red dotted ladybugs - 23 cards with egg cartons - 12 cards with butterflies - 12 dice cards - 7 cards with ladybugs without dots - 24 cards game “Together six” - 24 cards memory game - 19 supplementary domino cards - 30 domino construction cards - 20 red wooden beads - 48 stackable caps - 4 dice with dots 1 to 6 - 48 plastic beads - 6 laces - 3 wooden egg holders - manual Age: 5+

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