Children learn that they can recycle waste, by making animals from it. During the game, the children collect waste cards for the animal on their collection card. The children choose 1 recycled animal collection card. They admire the handiwork and find out what waste the animal is made of. They then look for the waste cards that show this waste and place it on the collection card until the card is full. They then choose another recycled animal collection card. Content: - 1 game board consisting of 4 puzzle pieces - 6 recycled animals collection cards: owl, octopus, crocodile, bee, butterfly, fish - 48 round waste cards –Front: waste –Back: animal which the waste belongs to - 6 coloured pawns - 2 spotted dice (1-3) - Instructions For 2-6 players

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Understanding the World


Rolf Originals

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Educational games

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