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Work and play together

Thanks to close co-operation with our solution partners, we can offer you a range of various well-known educational products. We only partner with A-brands in the educational market.

This allows our partners to purchase a wide variety of educational games and toys at one place with guaranteed quality. Which is both efficient and easy.


PlayMais is a natural toy for crafting which does not affect our environment. When the maize is dampened it becomes adhesive. In this way, children are able to create patterns, animals, pirate ships or a world of fantasy. With food colouring but without any artificial additives it is 100% biodegradable. The PlayMais crafting sets have been awarded with the prestigious “spiel gut” seal for toys of a particularly high pedagogical value and won various other awards.


We think learning should be fun and inspiring for children and educators alike!

Roylcos goal is to empower educators with accessible, practical, and cost-effective products and content that take education from ordinary to extraordinary. Exceptional teachers, parents, and day care providers find that Roylco provides them with an opportunity to make learning feel like play, with supplies, toys, and activity plans that engage and captivate children of all ages, especially young learners.


BiOBUDDi is committed to build a better tomorrow, and for this reason, develops and makes eco-friendly building blocks. From their bio-based materials to their manufacturing in the Netherlands, BiOBUDDi is raising awareness about sustainability while delivering unquestionably safe products.

BiOBUDDi is a forerunner on the toy market. This has resulted in winning various awards.

Theo the therapy dog

Art 383.0025 

This fuzzy lapdog is specially designed to function as a comforting, anti-anxiety companion.

Sensory create and play beads

Art 131.9404

Use this set of sensory beads to help kids reduce stress while developing fine motor skills. The material is excellent for art activities.

Creatures and animals value pack

Art 113.1817

Explore the animal kingdom with this diverse collection of nature themed craft papers.

PlayMais Basic 1000 pcs.

Art 131.9406

Unleash your Imagination! Each box contains the full color assortment of PlayMais.

PlayMais Classic Eduline

Art 131.0012

Joint crafting activities with PlayMais smartly complement lessons including children with disabilities being able to better understand simple and complex geometric shapes, different colours and increase their vocabulary.

PlayMais Anatomy Puzzle

Art 131.0161

Learn about anatomy and the body in a playful way.

BiOBUDDi 500 Blocks

Art 301.3848

Endless building , creating and playing fun with this huge bag of blocks. 100% plastic free.

BiOBUDDi Numbers

Art 301.3850

An educational set to help make learning the basics of mathematical thinking fun for children!

BiOBUDDi Farm Education

Art 301.3842

Unleash the little farmer within children with this educational farming play set.

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