The right material for every goal

Rolf products offer a complete range of building blocks for the child’s brain. Every product will bring certain skills to a higher level. Whether it’s math, language or physical development, a child will develop its own knowledge and skills while playing with a Rolf product. Furthermore children will become aware of their own identities and develop (self)confidence.


Communication and language development, cognitive development, social-emotional stability, motor skills and physical development of children are the result of learning through play.  Every Rolf game focusses on playful learning and a specific educational value. Rolf designs and develops educational games and materials for clearly defined development goals.


Each product is clearly labelled with the development goal it focusses on. The recognizable, triangular icons help children to pick the right game and work independently. The labels also help to organize the materials.


These labels are also available as stickers. Use them to label shelfs and help your customers find the products they are looking for. Simply request the labels with your next order.