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Animal friends


Winter collection 04


There are so many different kinds of animals which is truly fascinating. Every animal looks different and they all have individual skills. And so do children. Learning about animals is fun but developing new skills with them together is even better.

Colour Spots

Art 299.0022

A fun colour match game! The perfect game for young children who are developing skills of colour discrimination.




Butterflyy Lotto Game 240.3518

Look, find, recognize and sort. Observe all the details in order to find the right card from the numerous examples on the game board.

Puzzle Mountains 220.3503

This puzzle comes with a free app. Download the app and explore each animal on your mobile device.

Lifecycle Puzzle Turtle 220.3544

This four-layer puzzle shows the life cycle of a turtle. Use the free app to bring the animal to life on your mobile device.

Relief Puzzles Wildlife 220.3057

Discover wildlife in the desert, the rain forest and at the poles with a variety of relief puzzles.

Ten Little Fish 220.3065

Can you arrange the numbers in the right way? Make your first experiences with numbers and counting

Five Little Pandas 299.5024

Play strategically and learn to count. Who scores the most five little pandas?

Incorporating animals in educational games makes them more interesting and colorful for children. Therefore, they engage more with the material they play with. Our ROLF materials are not only a great way to teach children about the wildlife. But by including them into educational games they do also develop important skills while playing with their favorite creatures.

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On a treasure island

Zomer collectie 03


We have been here for a few days already.
There are plenty of interesting things to explore
and it feels like summer every day. Yesterday we
found a treasure! A box filled with games and sand
toys. We started playing immediately. These games
were not only fun but also taught us new things.
If we can learn while playing we should do that
more often with these great games at school.

Sand material set

Art 270.2320

A complete set with extra-large
sand molds, different spades, rakes,
buckets and sand sieves. Everything
you need in one set. Made of strong,
long lasting materials. This set makes
playing with sand even more fun. Kids
have every tool they need at hand to
build the most beautiful sandcastles
and other creations. A complete set
for hours of joyful playing.

Beach fun

Art 220.3047

The biggest, the smallest and the middle one. Which is what? With these four puzzles children are ready for summer.

Which fruit has gone

Art 299.5026

Memory skills and language develop- ment are key elements in this game.
Be the first to name what is missing and get points for every correct answer.

Swimming pool

Art 220.3552

Bad weather but still want to go to the pool? Let’s bring the summer inside with this 30 piece wooden puzzle.

Dialo fun

Art 299.0018

Communication is key! Which picture
is the other player trying to describe? Teaching communication skills in a playful way. An ideal game for preschoolers.

Playground broom

Art 290.2116

Keep your playground tidy. The kid-sized brooms offer a playful way to incorporate cleaning habits into kids everyday life.

Colour and shape

Art 299.0003

Discover a world full of colors and shapes together with Lottie, in various (digital) games. Works only in combination with the Rolf Connect Hub.

Crack the code

Collectie 02

Nowadays, children can decipher codes before they can even read! But, in our opinion, spending too much time in front of a computer screen is not the best way for children to go about it.

Our ‘unplugged’ materials are therefore a great way for young children to familiarise themselves with the principles of programming through playing a game. If you want to program a robot later on, then you need to know something about the language that the robot understands.

First of all, you need to learn to decode in order to code at a later stage.

Coding in steps

Art 299.0010

Choose an animal on the board, put 4 steps on the game board and look for which animal you stop. Take that animal card and hide it. Encode your steps and give your code to your fellow player. He or she converts the code into steps and arrives on…? If the code has been correctly executed, he or she arrives on the same animal as you did.

Spot the robot

Art 240.5465

Children give spoken information to the each other about the different robots and their place in relation to each other. The development of mathematical language and concepts as next to, above, on top, down etc. will be practiced.

Pixel fun

Art 299.0015

This game, in which children discover pixel art, is based on the principle of binary code. Each number in the squares of the task cards stand for a number of pixels which must be lead on the playing board. Doing so, a funny pixel image will appear!

Coding arrows

Art 245.0001

One of the basics for programming is robot language. And to program a robot, children have to understand the language of arrows. The children learn how to use directions to navigate.


Art 779.9970

The gateway to all our Rolf Connect digital games.

Coding game

Art 299.0006

The perfect combination of physical and digital gaming. Connect the hub to your laptop, iPad, Chromebook or Touchscreen and you are ready to play! With this set of blocks and Lottie’s help you will learn to think like a coding specialist.

Coding with dots

Art 299.0011

How to turn a long code into a short code. So you don’t display all the steps, but you use a number (of dots) to show how many steps to go in a certain direc- tion. This will game will make you a real coding prof!

Shape your own world

Kick-Off Collection No.1

Why colours and shapes matter

When you look out of your window, you see green trees, a blue sky, rectangular buildings and square windows. Children observe and categorize what they see by means of colour and shape. These characteristics help children define and organize the diverse world around them. When a child explores different shapes, it uses the most basic educational process: the observation of same and different. A child needs to know these skills before it can learn other basics like reading, writing and math.

That’s why playing with colours and shapes truly matters.


Art 299.0012

Lots of play possibilities with these lovely wooden lollypops. The basis of this game is a combination of two shapes and 4 colours. Find the right lollypops and match them with the models of your card. This is a good exercise in observation and visual memory skills. Lollypops can also be played as a shape or colour matching game on the table.

Look & feel game

Art 220.9689

Put all the figures in the bag and choose one of the many game possibilities: choose a figure on the board and try to find the right shape in the bag or give your fellow player the assignment to search a certain shape.

Rank the items

Art 299.5002

A challenging activity about sorting and serializing.

Duo Shape

Art 220.3208

Look for the picture constructed with the shapes or find the matching shape card with the right picture card.

Shapes matching game

Art 220.3113

Discover which shapes you can use to fill in the circles in different ways.

Shapes sequencing

Art 220.3216

Learn to make a sequence, to copy a model and to analyse figures.

Sand moulds ECO Line

Art 270.2394

Get to know the basic shapes in the sandpit without any effort.

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