Published on August 15, 2023
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(Cultural) Diversity

A different ethnicity, family composition, upbringing, gender, interests, every child is different and that is beautiful.

The presence of children with an international background classrooms and groups offers opportunities to focus on global citizenship. An important part of global citizenship is the awareness of your own identity and that of others. Because every person is a citizen of the world.

In a classroom full diverse children, it can be difficult for them to understand each other. That is why it is important to encourage children to look at the situation from a different perspective. As a result, they learn to recognize and respect (cultural) differences. It makes them curious about how others think and feel.

Do you want to give this topic more attention?

We have got you covered!

The following materials help children to better understand (cultural) diversity in a playful way. These educational materials encourage them to be open minded and also make them feel understood.

By including these materials in your assortment you can help teachers addressing this important and current topic and help children to be more open minded and create a future world full of acceptance.

Rolf More – Family Quartet

Rolf More – Family Quartet consists of 36 cards with nine families depicted on them. Each family in this quartet has four family members. The families are all different, which provides a lot of food for discussion. The game is suitable for 2-6 children from 4 years old.


Celebrate diversity with crafts

The Skintone Craft Paper and the Human Shapes Kit make every kid feel included.

The papers include 8 different skin tones.


Puzzle Series Modern Families

There are many different forms of living together. Think of families with two fathers, two mothers, multicultural families and newly blended families.

With the puzzle series ‘Modern Families’ children learn about different family compositions.


Culture House

With the 3 layer Rolf puzzle Culture House children get to know everything about different countries and cultures.

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