Published on July 3, 2023
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Enjoy the summer with BiOBUDDi’s Education

Summer is a season filled with sunshine, play and educational opportunities for children.

Get ready to let kids learn and play with letters and summery fruits!



With the educational lettersets from BiOBUDDi children can improve their language skills in a playful way:

Learning the alphabet

The colorful letter blocks make it fun for children to familiarize themselves with the letters of the alphabet. They can practice identifying and naming the letters while constructing words and sentences.

Spell and build words

The BiOBUDDi Education letterset encourages children to spell and build words by combining different letter blocks. This hands-on approach enhances their vocabulary and spelling skills. With these BiOBUDDi building blocks children can build all summer related words.

Are you looking for letter blocks from a different alphabet?

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Discover summery fruits with BiOBUDDi

Who does not enjoy a fresh and summery fruit salad?

With the Education Food set from BiOBUDDi children

Discover different fruits

The set provides and ideal opportunity for children to learn about different fruits, their names and their colours. They can sort and group the blocks based on similarities, creating a foundation of early math skills.

Develop fine motor skills

BiOBUDDi’s building blocks require children to use their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills to assemble end dissemble the blocks.

Get familiar with healthy eating habits

Engaging with the fruit blocks can spark conversations about healthy eating and the importance of fruit in our diet.


BiOBUDDi toys are made of environmentally friendly material, so that children can not only learn, but also become aware of the importance of sustainability and protecting our planet.

So make sure that teachers and pedagogical staff get the best educational toys at home this summer and make learning an exciting adventure with BiOBUDDi!