Published on September 13, 2023
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Learning with light is an engaging  and interactive learning method. An innovation that has captivated educators and children alike is the Light Cube in combination with Light Learning Rocks from Roylco.

In this blog post, we will look into the exciting world of illuminated learning and discover how these two dynamic tools can create an extraordinary educational experience.

The material

Light Learning Rocks from Roylco are a set of translucent, multicoloured stones in 8 different shapes that come to life when exposed to light.  These rocks serve as a brilliant blend of art and science, making them an ideal addition to any educational setting.


The Educational Light Cube, a cutting-edge educational tool designed to complement the Light Learning Rocks. The Light Cube is a translucent cube equipped with LED lights. It provides a captivating platform for various activities and experiments.


The combination of these two materials unlocks a world of educational possibilities:

Exploring science:

With the Light Cube, children can observe how light interacts with different materials, studying concepts such as refraction and reflection through hands-on experimentation with the Light Learning Rocks.

Enhancing fine motor skills:

Young learners can develop fine motor skills by arranging the rocks on the Light Cube, creating colourful patterns and designs.

Math and geometry:

Children can explore math, geometry, patters and shapes while playing with the Light Cube.


Children can let their creativity run free and create beautiful, illuminated patterns by arranging  the Light Learning Rocks on the Light Cube.

Roylco Light Learning Rocks and the Light Cube are shining examples of how innovation can have a positive impact on the learning process. By combining art, science and hands-on exploration, educators can create a dynamic and engaging learning environment. The Roylco Light Learning Rocks and the Light Cube are great tools that will illuminate the path to a brighter educational future.