Published on May 5, 2023
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In front, behind, next to, in, on, above, below, near, far. Children lay the foundation for spatial awareness through experience.

Developing spatial awareness in a playful way
While playing with Jungle view children develop spatial awareness and learn about important key words like: in front and behind, above and below, near and far and many more.

Rolf More Jungle view – a 3D game

Jungle view is consists of a wooden game board, 7 wooden animals and 7 assignment cards.

Jungle view is a game that does not require a teacher and can be used at different levels. The back of the game board can also be used as a puzzle game.

The game can be played in various ways, alone, in pairs or small groups.
Discover the many playing options below.

Version 1: with assignment cards

One player picks an assignment card and places the animals in the slots on the board so that the resulting picture is identical to the one on the card.

Version 2: Describe the order of the animals

Player one picks an assignment card and describes what they see to the other player. Player two has to arrange the animals in the correct order following the instructions of player one. Afterwards the children can compare the result with the assignment card. Did player two arrange the animals correctly?  This way of playing stimulates the social- and emotional development of children as well as their language development.

Version 3: Guess the order

One player puts the animals in an order and describes the resulting position to the other player. Which card did the player use? The other player has to find the right assignment card that matches the order on the game board.

Version 4: Make your own order

One player arranges the animals how they like and describes the arrangement to the other player. The other player has to rebuild the arrangement by remembering what they heard.

Discover all game variations here.

With Jungle view children develop spatial awareness in a playful way. The game offers children to examine and experiment with locations and distances in a playful way.