Published on July 18, 2023
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Playing with sand and water – the ideal summer combination

Children love to play with sand and water on warm summer days. Sand and water activities are not only fun but also very important for the development of young children.

What are the benefits of sand and water play?

Sensory exploration:

By playing with sand and water children learn with hands-on materials and take in new information via through their senses.


Children can build and model everything they can imagine with sand

Social skills:

Children can play together with sand and water. That means they have to communicate, work together and share materials.

Scientific concepts:

Sand and water play is an ideal introduction to concepts like motion, flowing water, sinking and floating. By playing with sand molds children also learn about the concept of volume and so much more.

And so much more.

A sand- and water table is the ideal tool for sensory and educational play!


Rolf More – Sand- and water table for toddlers

This rectangular sand – and water table has an optimum height for toddlers. The solid frame is made of beech wood and has two lockable wheels. Learn more.


Rolf More – Sand and water table

This sand- and water table is designed for young children. This table has a practical storage tray that is easy to clean. Learn more.


Rolf More – Sand- and water table 80 x 80 cm

This square sand- and water table has a tub that is 17 cm deep. Learn more.


Add these materials to the sand- and water table for more fun learning activities:

Sand moulds

Extra large sand moulds in different shapes and colours.

Plastic animals

All plastic animals are sand and water resistant.

Marine animals

Fill the tub with water and let children discover what happens under the sea. Learn more. 

Fam animals

Learn more. 

Wild animals

Learn more.