Published on March 14, 2024
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Unleash Creativity with PlayMais Eduline – Building Giant Wall Frieze Landscapes

Transform any space into a vibrant landscape of imagination and creativity with PlayMais Eduline Giant Wall Frieze Landscapes – where learning meets play in a colourful explosion of fun and education.

What is PlayMais?

PlayMais is made from natural corn and food colouring. This makes the product 100% biodegradable, safe for kids and the environment. With its unique texture and versatility, PlayMais allows children to explore their imagination and bring their ideas to life in 3D form.

Building Giant Wall Frieze Landscapes

Imagine walking into a room decorated with a magnificent landscape, crafted out of PlayMais. With the Giant Wall Frieze Landscapes you can turn any wall into a canvas for creativity. From rolling hills, to the forest or the  beach, the possibilities are endless.

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The perfect classroom activity

Why are PlayMais Landscapes the perfect classroom activity?
The material is educational. It offers pedagogical support for the discovery and identification of landscapes and corresponding animals and plants, as well as shapes and colours.
PlayMais encourages creativity, fine motor skills and cognitive development. It is versatile and eco-friendly. And promotes collaborative work, which makes it an ideal material for a group of children.


Elevate your product offerings

Are you searching for innovative ways to engage your customers and elevate your product offerings? We offer you a free PlayMais template to decorate! This template serves as a springboard for creativity, providing ideas and inspiration for using PlayMais to its full potential.
Simply click the link below to donwnload your free copy of the PlayMais template and inspire your customers to get creative. All they need is this template and some PlayMais.

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