Published on May 11, 2023

Children are curious. They discover more and more about the world around them.
They learn that there is more than just the environment they live in.
The Rolf puzzle series ‘Countries’ teaches children more about different countries.


Why is playing with puzzles important for children?

Puzzle play is a nice form of play and development. While children are playing with puzzles they train their fine motor skills and cognitive abilities. The different forms and colours of a puzzle stimulate a child’s visual perceptual skills. Besides that, they learn about different countries with this puzzle series.

The puzzle series Countries

Our puzzle series Countries consists of four colourful puzzles. Children learn about China, France, Germany and Australia while playing. The four puzzles show different elements that are typical for the specific country. The puzzles are made of massive birch wood and consist of 81 puzzle pieces.


Puzzle France

This puzzle shows elements that are typical for France. Of course it shows the famous Eiffel Tower but also the beach, the skying areas and the country side.

Puzzle Germany

On this puzzle you find typical German houses, a pretzel and the famous Brandenburg Gate.

Puzzle Australia

Discover kangaroos, the Great Barrier Reef, the Sydney Opera House and much more.

Puzzle China

This puzzle shows the Chinese flag, a panda bear, the Chinese wall, a rice field, a Chinese dragon and a monk.