Published on May 1, 2023
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The famous lifecycle puzzles and consist of four layers. Each layer is linked to a virtual layer.
So the puzzle can be brought to life!

Watch how the lifecycle puzzle works in combination with the app

Wat is a lifecycle puzzle?

The lifecycle puzzles for young children consist of four layers. The layers show the lifecycle of a turtle, a frog, a butterfly and a ladybug. The puzzles have 86 pieces in total. The pieces increase per layer: 9,16,25 and 36 pieces. The lifecycle puzzles are suitable for children from 3 to 7 years old.

The great thing about these educational puzzles is that each layer also has a virtual layer. When assembled, each layer of the puzzle can be scanned with the additional Rolf app and a short video about the specific stage of the animal is shown. When all the layers are assembled the app will show questions about each phase of the lifecycle. The questions are self-correcting and can also be answered independently. This is also a great moment to talk with children about the specific animal and what they have learned.

Why choose a lifecycle puzzle?

Puzzling helps children to learn to observe, to organize and to sort, but also to come up with solutions to problems independently. This is very important for their mental development. The young children increase their spatial insight by puzzling. Spatial orientation is one of the basic elements for learning to read, count and write.
Because of the four layers that vary in difficulty and the included digital app children are interested in it for a long time. The Rolf lifecycle puzzles are also suitable for different age groups.

In the spotlight: The lifecycle puzzle ‘turtle’

By playing with the Rolf lifecycle puzzle children learn layer by layer:

  • How the mother turtle digs a hole in the sand
  • How the eggs are being laid into the sand
  • How the little turtles race to the sea
  • How the turtle swims majestically in the sea

All lifecycle puzzles

There are four different lifecycle puzzles. Thanks to Augmented Reality they can all be brought to life. This is not only a great added value but also makes the educational puzzles really fun to play with.


Watch the videos of all lifecycle puzzles: