Published on May 25, 2023
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You can do so many great things outside. There are endless games for children to play outside. But their favourite thing to do is playing with sidewalk chalk. It is fantastic to make gigantic drawings and play games with sidewalk chalk.

We have listed 5 fun games with sidewalk chalk for you below to inspire your customers.

5 games to play with sidewalk chalk


1. Create a (self-) portrait with sidewalk chalk

Children can draw each other with sidewalk chalk or create a picture of themselves

2.Sidewalk chalk roads

Let children draw roads for their toy cars, bikes or scooters.

3. The colour and shape game

The colour and shape game is a very fun outdoor game, especially for toddlers and pre-schoolers who are learning about shapes and colours. Draw some shapes in different colours on the ground. Now the children have to find their way from one side to the other. But you create the assignment.

For example: you can only stand on the circles or only on the green shapes. The children can then jump and find their way from A to B. Lots of fun guaranteed!

4. Hit the target

Draw a round target on the street with sidewalk chalk. Then draw numbers in each circle. The numbers resemble the number of points you get: 5 points for the bulls eye, 3 points for the middle one and 1 point for the outer circle. Children have to hut the target with a (wet) sponge. The one with most points wins.

5. Sidewalk chalk art

Make your own art. How? It is really simple: Tape off sections with tape and colour them in cheerful colours. This is how you become a real street artist!