Published on March 13, 2024
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Spring themed puzzles: Delightful learning adventures for young minds

As the flowers bloom and the weather warms, it is the perfect time to engage young children in the wonders of Spring with different puzzles. Puzzle play offers more than just entertainment. They promote cognitive development, problem solving skills and patience – all while celebrating the beauty of the season. Explore some fantastic Spring themed puzzles designed to captivate the imagination of young minds.


Knob puzzle Birdhouses

Spring is bird nesting season. Time to get the birdhouses ready!
This puzzle consists of 10 pairs of birds. One bird is on the puzzle bird, the other one is on the puzzle piece.
When all birds are matched correctly, the puzzle is complete.
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Knob puzzle Flowers

This garden themed puzzle transports young children to a world of colourful blooms, buzzing bees, different insects and so much more.
This makes it the perfect Spring themed puzzle for young children.
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Insect garden

This puzzle invites young adventurers to discover the divers and fascinating world of insects.
This very detailed wooden puzzle offers so much to explore.
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Endless puzzle Spring animals

Children have to look for the two puzzle pieces that together form a Spring animal.
Once they have found them all, they have to arrange them in a long row.
The first animal in the row connects with the last animal in the row.
This way children can go further and further and will experience endless puzzle fun.
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Vertical puzzle Spring

This Spring puzzle lets children discover a new way of assembling a puzzle.
The magnetic puzzle pieces have to be placed on the magnetic board to form the image.
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All these spring themed puzzles offer endless opportunities for young children to explore, learn and create beautiful works of art.