Published on July 18, 2023
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It’s time to get moving!

Stimulate physical activity in children with these fun exercise cards


Movement and exercise are important for the physical and mental health of children.
With the various exercise card sets from Roylco children are being inspired to move their bodies in a playful way.
The exercise card sets are designed to improve coordination, strength, balance, flexibility and body awareness in children. They offer an excellent resource for promoting physical activity, coordination and playful learning.

Let’s encourage children to move their bodies while engaging their minds with these delightful exercise card sets.


Twist and Spell Exercise Cards

Each card shows a letter and a photo of a child in letter pose.
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Busy Body Gross Motor Exercise Cards

These cards help children practice gross motor movements in a playful way.
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Stepping Stones: Exercise Balance Kit

Step on a stone and try to recreate the pose that is shown on the card.
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Body Poetry: Yoga Cards

These fade-proof cards show different yoga poses in different challenging levels.
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