This box is perfect school. This big math box contains everything children need to learn about the principles of math. Children learn about: writing numbers, counting, comparing, additions and subtractions, multiplying and dividing, geometric patterns and figures, handling and calculating with money, reading the time and so much more.

Development goal

Mathematics, STEAM

Product type

Educational games

• Number template for practicing and learning to write numbers.
• Counting bar (printed on both sides – front 20 empty circles / back numbers 1-20)
• 22 counting pieces of RE-Plastic®
• 10 red and 10 blue interlocking cubes 2x2x2cm from RE-Wood®
• RE-Plastic® coins and recycled paper banknotes (22 coins and 13 banknotes up to €20)
• Number line tape 1-20 with marking clips
• Geoboard from RE-Plastic® 15x15cm with 25 rubber rings
• Learning clock made of RE-Plastic®
• 20 Counting Beads Red/Blue
• Division box with 20 red RE-Plastic® balls
• geometric shapes
• mirror 15x10cm
•2 dice
Packed in a red RE-Wood® box and cardboard box.
Size: 25x18x6cm