Children discover and think about what we all throw away in our daily life. Because we throw away so much waste everywhere, in vast quantities, our world is in danger. If we all free our space from clutter and waste, we will reveal a much greener world with plants and flowers and more room foranimals and people.Content:In a cardboard box:- 1 game board consisting of 4 parts (30 x 30 cm)- 2 waste collection cards (9.5 x 21 cm)- 35 cards with waste (3 x 3 cm)- 1 factory card (24 x 20 cm)- 1 check card (12 x 12 cm)- 1 wooden pawn- 1 wooden dice from 1-3- InstructionsAge: 4+ , 2-4 players

Development goal

Understanding the World


Rolf Basics

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Educational games

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