The game lowers the barriers on talking about feelings. The children learn to express their own emotions, they learn to be open to the emotions of other children and learn to respect these emotions. They learn to give and receive compliments. To express the various emotions, the children can use different styles of expression such as drawing, rhythm and music, body expression and just talking about things that happened. The game is played with one counter. Throw the dice in turn and take a card that matches the face on which the counter lands. Give the card to one of the other players. The person receiving the card is invited to express his particular emotion and responds to the card as indicated by the assignment on the other side Content: - 1 plastic game board 37 x 37 cm - 1 counter, and 1 dice 1 – 3 - 36 small emotion cards and 4 small compliment cards - 4 large emotion cards and 1 large compliment card - manual Age: 4+, 2-4 players

Development goal

Social and Emotional development


Rolf Essentials

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Educational games

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