This game is based on the principle of binary code. The binary code assigns a pattern of binary digits to each character. In this game children discover pixel art drawing. Each number in the squares of the task cards stand for a number of pixels which must be lead on the playingboard. Doing so, a funny pixel image will appear! Content:- 2 boards for pixel art of 49 Pixels- 2 boards for pixel art of 36 Pixels- 120 + 8 pixels- 2 x 4 task cards- 2 solution cards- manualAge: 3+, 1-2 players

Development goal

Mathematics, STEAM


Rolf Essentials

Product type

Educational games

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Blank Task Cards

Make up a figure yourself with the coloured pixels and note the code. Ask another player to carry out your task.

If the figure is correct, then you are already brilliant at coding with pixels.

Download the blank task cards for Pixel Fun and get started.

Download the small task card here.

Download the big task card for Pixel Fun here.