Different counting activities connected to shopping can be found in this small box. The ‘Shopping game’ is an activity that particularly appeals to young children. Playing with objects in a proactive way, results in role play, in which under fives copy the behaviour of adults in sociocultural situations. This ‘Shopping game’ makes shopping seem real, especially when the set of plastic vegetables and fruit is used. In addition, this ‘Shopping game’ stimulates the developing knowledge of numbers and children learn how to use amounts up to ten. Content: - 1 plastic dial 20 x 20 cm - 8 plastic shopping lists 10 x 16 cm - 3 plastic price tags 9 x 20 cm - 40 plastic cards with fruit and vegetables 5 x 5 cm - small box with 100 chips - 3 wooden dice - manual Age: 4+ , 2-4 players

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Educational games

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