With the Rolf More - Tree growing game children build their own tree in the right order from trunk to crown. They collect the blocks by turning the rotating pointer on the disc. In turn, they move the pointer on the disc. The arrow determines the action: Tree -> the player’s tree grows by 1 block. Sun and rain -> all the player’s trees grow by 1 block. Storm -> all the players take a block for their tree. Who can build their tree right to the top? Content: • 56 big and small coloured building blocks for 8 trees: oak (light green), apple tree (red), beech (dark green), pear tree (orange), fir (light brown), baobab (yellow), palm tree (blue), Japanese cherry tree (white). • 1 cotton bag • 1 disc with rotating pointer • Instructions For 1-8 children aged 3 and over. The building blocks are made of eco-friendly, bio-based materials.

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Understanding the World


Rolf More

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Educational games

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