Bingo really is a game for young and old, and a game you can play together with your class mates. Not only can you play the familiar and straightforward version, you can also play the version that is most fun! In this version, the game master takes one picture card, and the players have to guess what is on the card by asking clever questions. The pictures are divided into categories: transportation, living, clothing, nature, animals and furniture. Therefore, you first have to ask about the category: “Is it an animal” and then about specific characteristics such as “Can it fly? Does it have a beak? Is it a bird?” Content:- 12 large collection cards25 x 20 cm- 35 picture cards 14 x 14 cm- 80 transparent red crosses7,5 x 7,5 cm- manualAge: 4+ , 6-12 players

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Communication and Language


Rolf Originals

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Educational games

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