Back chat stimulates visualisation skills and develops tactile perception. It also helps children put words to directions, shapes and spatial relationships. The objective of this game is to identify the visual picture that someone draws on your back. What you feel is turned into an image in your mind and you can draw the image on paper, describe it or select it among other images. The set consists of 4 series of 10 cards with different assignments. Each series has a colour code to make sorting the cards easier. Two children choose the same series of cards and sit or stand behind oneanother. The child at the back chooses a card from the series and draws the shape on the back of the first child with a finger or a stick. The child in the front looks for the card with the picture of what he or she felt and shows it to the other child. They check to see if it’s correct and then make another drawing. The manual describes many other playing variations.Content: - 8 series of 10 plastic cards- manualAge: 4+ , 8 players

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Communication and Language


Rolf Originals

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Educational games

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