‘Count to 20’ is developed for children who are already proficient at counting and can link numbers to quantities. With ‘Count to 20’ quantities up to 20 are explored and counted in various ways. This helps to further develop the concept of numbers. Children learn to compare, arrange and structure (make groups of ) quantities so that counting becomes easier. The children can check their exercises using the self-verification cards. Children who still experience quantities and structures as difficult, can complete the game board with the aid of the self-verification card. This way theydiscover how the system works as they use it and, once they have got the hang of it, they can try to complete the game boards first and then check what they have done using the self-verification cards afterwards. Content:- 7 game boards, 26.5 x 26.5 cm- 70 cards, 5 x 5 cm:- 2 x 10 cards with numbers 1-10- 15 cards with numbers 6-20- 25 cards with dice structure- 10 cards with addition sums- 7 self-verification cards- 3 dice- 360 stacking tops in 6 different colours- manualAge: 5+ , 2-4 players

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