In developing the understanding of numbers, 3 factors play a major part: 1. counting, 2. giving meaning to numbers, 3. linking numbers to symbols (learning the figures, reading and writing figures, insight into the structure of numbers and learning the calculation signs). ‘Frog jumps numbers’ playfully helps children develop their sense of numbers. This is done in different ways and with different lines of numbers. Children learn to recognize and name numbers, discover which number is higher or lower and which place a numberhas in the line of numbers. Content:- 2 empty, flexible number lines- 2 flexible number lines with numbers- 1 flexible number line with coloured squares- 3 number lines with 3 boxes 16 x 5.5 cm- 3 number lines with 5 boxes 27 x 5.5 cm- Several cards 5 x 3.5 cm:- 2 x 13 number cards 0-12- 13 dice cards 0-12- 13 flower cards 0-12- 13 finger image cards 0-12- 13 tally cards 0-12- 12 cards with rounds 0-12- 13 cards with balls (splitting)- 13 frog cards (frog jumps backwads)- 16 frog cards (frog jumps forwards)- manual Age: 5+ , 2-4 players

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