Knight’s empire has 3 continuous games which help to develop the understanding of amounts and numbers. The common theme in these games is about the knights who are on their way to the fair maiden’s ball. In the first game ‘Through the forest, the knights collect euros with which to buy their kit in the second game called ‘Sword and Shield’. In the third game ‘Dancing with the fair maiden’, they have to search for 4 objects to take to the ball. The first game, which relates to the concept of more and less, can be presented at the start of the school year. While the children gain counting skills, the other games can also be offered. The games vary in degree of difficulty. The games and theme are exciting and appeal to children. This means that they will be motivated to play the games often. Can be used remedially for children who do not yet have any proper knowledge of amounts or numbers. Content: - 3 large game boards 37 x 37 cm - 100 plastic euro coins - 100 coloured chips - 24 cards with knight’s kit - 16 cards with objects - 24 cards with euro coins - 8 large collecting cards for euro coins and the knight’s kit - 12 pawns - 9 dice: dots 1-3 and 1-6, numbers 1-6 - 1 price tag for the knight’s kit - 2 fair maiden cards - manual Age: 4+ , 2-4 players

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