The best way to start playing! Learn what you need focussed on one learning goal a time. With Rolf Basics you choose a nice basic set, in the lowest price range.

  • Focus on one specific development goal
  • Cardboard boxes all one-size
  • Made from high quality materials
  • Suitable for 1 to 2 players

A selection of our Basics


My language buddy

Art 299.6003

My language buddy helps in achieving the language and culture of the new country


Mini Beads

Art 299.7001

Hands on with mini beads to create, to count and to recognize colour

Five little pandas

Art 299.5024

Make as many combinations of five little pandas as possible and win this fun game

4 colour kids

Art 299.5027

Close the circle of 4 different coloured children with a boy or a girl in the right colour

Food for you

Art 299.5023

For all the things we eat every day, discover where and how they grow

Which fruit is gone

Art 299.5026

If you've got a good memory and you can respond fast, you are the first to know which fruit has disappeared

Whale twins

Art 299.5012

Meet the extra challenge and collect whale pairs with the same colour combination

Cause & effect

Art 299.5006

Be a detective and track down the right combination of cause and effect

Wake up your senses

Art 299.5010

Discover the information our senses deliver, and that it can change how we feel

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