Published on July 3, 2023
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Relief puzzles help children develop important skills

Puzzle play is not just fun but also very educational! Puzzles stimulate the development of various important skills, making them the perfect educational play activity during the early years.

What are the benefits of playing with puzzles?

While playing with puzzles, children train their fine motor skills and cognitive skills. Because of the many different features of puzzles (forms, colours, themes), children also train their visual-spatial skills. Besides that, it gives children more insight into various themes and subjects.

Puzzling is a continuous process of problem-solving, thinking, reasoning and developing solutions. Children have only one goal in mind: to complete the puzzle. To achieve this, they have to think carefully: which piece belongs where and why?

Children can also assemble a puzzle together. This way it stimulates their social skills: Children discuss what they are going to do, help and support each other. By finishing a puzzle together, kids create a connection.

These 7 colourful relief puzzles help children develop all of the important skills in a playful way:

Discover the sizes

1.       Puzzle sunset (220.9699)

2.       A roof on every house (220.9700)


3.       Rainbow rays (220.3441)

4.       Bubbles (220.3442)

Discover colour

5.       Colour duo (220.9698)

Try to put the pieces of the puzzle in such way that you end up with 16 colour areas.

6.       Rainbow circle (220.3444)

7.       Circles and shapes (220.3445)

All Rolf puzzles are made of high quality wood and made in Europe

All Rolf puzzles are made of high quality wood and made in Europe

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