World famous Rolf Puzzles have outstanding quality, safety and durability. We constantly develop new exciting puzzles that meet development and learning needs of children. Do you have any suggestions for an exclusive image on a puzzle? We can produce puzzles with your own design in every size!

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A selection of our Puzzles


Life cycle puzzle: Mother and baby

Art 220.3563

Discover layer by layer how a woman’s body changes during pregnancy up to the time the baby is born


Reliëf puzzle: Wildlife

Art 220.3056

Discover wildlife in the desert, the rain forest and at the poles with a variety of relief puzzles


Reliëf puzzle: 10 little fish

Art 220.3065

Find out where all the little fish are and learn all about number quantities


 A - Z game

Art 220.9690

When children are familiar with the letters of their own name, they’re ready to play the A-Z game. A child finds out for the very first time that letters actually mean something while making this puzzle

Insert puzzle: Frog

Art 220.3532

This is not just another puzzle but a very first ‘brain teaser’. Place the pieces by matching them with similar objects. Available in different variants

Reliëf puzzel discover sizes: Rainbow rays

Art 220.3441

Discover sizes and colours

Puzzle: Know what you eat

Art 220.3017

Discover what healthy food is. What can you eat best? And how much of it should you actually eat?

Puzzle: Happy kids

Art 220.3142

Meet these wonderful children by making the puzzle and get to know them in a playful way. A set of 6 wooden puzzles with 25 pieces

Puzzle: Families

Art 220.3529

This puzzle shows a variety of family forms. Children learn about multicultural families, families with two fathers or two mothers, while playing the Families-puzzle

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