The must haves for even more playing and learning. Discover various ways together to get the essential skills. With Rolf Essentials you choose a more versatile game, in the medium price range.

  • Focus on multiple development goals
  • 2 different sizes of cardboard boxes
  • Made from durable plastic
  • Suitable for 2 to 4 players

A selection of our Essentials


Coding with steps

Art 299.0010

Move from one animal to another in 4 steps


Coding with dots

Art 299.0011

Turn your steps into a code with dots



Art 299.0012

Link colours and shapes to make a logical chain

Pixel fun

Art 299.0015

Crack the code and create great pixel art

A row of houses

Art 299.0013

Like houses, numbers have their own place in a row too

Dialo Fun

Art 299.0018

Say what you see and listen to what you hear

Combi photo

Art 299.0027

Playfully discover similarities between different objects, activities and situations

I'm so happy

Art 299.0014

Collect 8 faces with emotions, in this way you learn to recognize and name different emotions

Emotion in the game

Art 299.0016

Say what you feel and find out what the other person feels

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