The recognizable classics that still work perfectly. Lots of options to play and learn in small and larger groups, focussed on multiple development goals. With Rolf Originals you choose for durable materials, in the highest price range.

  • Focus on multiple development goals
  • Wooden boxes for maximum durability
  • Made from wood & durable plastic
  • Suitable for 2 to 6 players

A selection of our Originals


Spot the robot

Art 240.5465

Develop mathematical language. One child picks a task card and explains to the other player all about the features and position of the chosen robot

Measure pleasure with snakes

Art 230.3631

Exploring the world of measurement

Sink or float

Art 240.3202

Simple science fun! Let children predict whether different objects sink or float.

The square game

Art 220.9678

Discover, experiment and research the shape of the square

What happened?

Art 240.0022

In this game you look for cause and effect as a real detective

Ok or not ok?

Art 280.4086

Opens up situations for discussion and different experience is ok

Where does it come from?

Art 299.0023

From origin to end product

Ombra Silhouette game

Art 220.2937

Let children discover that a black shape devoid of colour and depth nevertheless contains non- visible information about the object.


Art 240.0030

Only 4 pieces are enough to create a lovely bird. Take a model card and try to make your bird!

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